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Lemon/Citrus Peel for Skin Whitening | Home and Health

Posted by bates70 on April 24, 2011

Lemon/Citrus Peel for Skin Whitening | Home and Health.

Skin care with modern methods it is common practice many people, actually there are methods that has a lower negative effect than using chemicals by skin treatment using traditional methods. For you who want to use the traditional way could not hurt to be a routine treatment option. Besides the cost is quite cheap, the results are also impressive.

For example, to facial Skin Whitening, there are traditional metode that we can do without any side effects. People – our parents once, have been doing this treatment since long time ago.

Lemon or Citrus, this one was better known as a fishy odor remover or a mixture of food flavoring. But the real citrus are also many benefits for beauty and health.

Squeezed Water from this fruit (lemon/citrus) is able to shrink the skin pores and remove excess fat on the oily skin types.


• Meanwhile, to whiten and soften the skin of the face, you can wipe this piece of lemon skin on the face and other body parts that want to be enlightened skin. Do this on a regular basis at least once a week. Undoubtedly, your skin will look bright and smooth.
• To tighten pores – pore skin, take the meat with lime, then you rub on the skin. Usually the place – a place around the nose and cheeks that pore – porinya looks great.


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