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Visiting the Palace of the Maestro Painting – Affandi

Posted by bates70 on November 27, 2010

Visiting Affandi Museum is located at Jalan Raya Yogyakarta-Solo, or rather the west bank of Gajah Wong River, provides an opportunity for you to track all the means of Affandi’s life. You can see the great works of the maestro during life, the work of another painter who is sufficient, means of transportation he uses first, occupied house to a studio that is now used to nurture talent to paint a child.
Affandi Museum is all part of Affandi’s life as a painting maestro. In the region of Gajah Wong river’s edge, Affandi live, work, knowledge and transforming lives in his eternal home.
The complex consists of 3 pieces of the museum galleries with the gallery I as a place of ticket purchase and the beginning of the tour. Gallery I personally opened by Affandi since 1962 and inaugurated in 1974 contains a number of Affandi’s paintings from the early work until the end of his life. Paintings are generally in the form of paintings and works of reproduction sktesa are placed in 2 lines on the bottom and curved elongated to fill the room.

Gallery I, you can see a number of valuables during Affandi’s life. At the end of the room, you can see the car in 1976 Colt Gallan a greenish yellow color is modified so that it resembles the shape of fish, also an old bicycle that looks shiny as a means of transportation. You can also see a reproduction of the statue of his self-portrait with her daughter, Kartika.

Gallery II, you can see a number of paintings by painters, both beginners and seniors, which is sufficient in the museum. Gallery which was inaugurated in 1988 consists of two floors with paintings that can be seen from a different perspective. The first floor contains many paintings are abstract, while the second floor contains paintings by the realist style but has a firmness.

Gallery III, who became the next destination is a building with a roof-shaped curved line forming stem of banana leaf. That said, this 3-story multi-purpose gallery, first floor serves as an exhibition space as well as the location of “Studio Gajah Wong” place for kids to hone his talent to paint, the second floor as space maintenance and repair, painting, while the basement as a place to store a collection of paintings .

Palace of the Indonesia Maestro Painting


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