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Klik BCA (BCA Internet Banking)

Posted by bates70 on November 24, 2010

KlikBCA service is open to all Bank Central Asia customers who have BCA ATM Card / Passport BCA / BCA Dollar Card. To be able to use the service KlikBCA, you must have registered for Internet Banking BCA.

For added security KlikBCA, are now also equipped with a KeyBCA. Without KeyBCA you will not be able to conduct financial transactions in KlikBCA. To register, follow the instructions below:
Registration KlikBCA
1. Registration at the ATM
2. Register at the Customer Service Officer at the nearest branch office

How to register KlikBCA in ATM:
* Insert your ATM card and enter PIN
* Select menu E-Banking/Autodebet List
* Select the menu of Internet Banking
* Enter your PIN as you see fit KlikBCA (6 digits)
* Re-enter PIN KlikBCA
* User ID you will be printed on the ATM receipt
* Keep your ATM receipt as proof of registration


Indonesian Online Banking

1. User ID and PIN will be blocked if customer do the following:

  • Three times continued enter wrong PIN during login.
  • Three times continued enter wrong number of KeyBCA when doing financial transactions.
  • Applying for a replacement card or ATM BCA and BCA ATM card were reported missing.
  • User ID and / or PIN is reported to have been known by others.
  • BCA results indicate the possibility of the Customer User ID and PIN have been known by others.

2. In case of blocking of User ID and PIN, the Customer must contact Halo BCA at 500 888 or via the GSM mobile phone at (021) 500 888 and re-register at the BCA ATM machine.

Additional information:
BCA offers a KlikBCA electronic banking products, which gives you easy to perform banking transactions through a computer and Internet networks.
KlikBCA is a banking service that is easy, practical, safe and easy to use.
It’s easy to register internet banking at BCA ATM machine to get a user ID and PIN Internet Banking which can be directly used to log in (go) to KlikBCA in
Practically you can directly conduct banking transactions over the Internet without have to bother to the bank or ATM BCA (except to take the cash).
Safe KlikBCA equipped with security to ensure the security and confidentiality of data and transactions you make. To improve security, it also comes with KeyBCA, that additional safety devices to better secure financial transactions in KlikBCA. This tool serves to produce the password always change every time you conduct financial transactions. Thus, the security you are transaction will be more safe.
Easy Used, KlikBCA Screen designed as BCA ATM screen that is so easy, and does not need special skills to use it.
Activities you can do with KlikBCA transactions you can do through ATM BCA, it can be done through KlikBCA, except for cash withdrawals. This way, you like having a personal BCA ATM machine on your PC.

  1. Purchase (reload prepaid phone cards, Stocks, Tickets, Card Blitz)
  2. Payment (Credit Card, Phone, Mobile, Internet, Insurance, Loans, Taxes, Electricity / Electricity, Water / PAM, Education, and Others)
  3. E-Commerce Payment (click for more details) you can enjoy the convenience of online payment for any expenditure on the merchant’s website that collaboration through e-Commerce Payment Menu
  4. Funds Transfer – Transfer Inter-BCA (Real Time, periodically, to a certain date) – Transfers to Other Domestic Banks (Real Time, a specific date)
  5. Account Information (Information Balance, Account Changes, Deposits, Receivables BCA Card, mortgage loan information BCA)
  6. Transaction History
  7. Other Information (Information Exchange and lottery coupon number of Gebyar Tahapan BCA)
  8. Administration (Change PIN, Change Language, Change Email Address, Payment Clear List, Clear List Transfer, Add KeyBCA Connection, Delete Connection KeyBCA, KeyBCA Activation, Registration Information BCA Card, BCA Card Information Remove)

Limit Switch With KeyBCA you can do fund transfer account in BCA to IDR 100 million every day.


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