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“TEMPE” Indonesian Traditional Food

Posted by bates70 on October 26, 2010

Tempe is a traditional Indonesian food, which contains high nutrition and bioactive compounds taht are useful for health. As nutrition rich food tempe is also known as a protein source which also contains unsaturated fatty acids and contains Vitamin B12 as well, that are not commonly found on vegetable foods, minerals and fibers. Active compounds taht are found in tempe are antioxidants, anti cancer, anticholesterol, anti bacteria etc.

"TEMPE" Indonesian Traditional Food

One of R&D activities at Research Center for Chemistry LIPI (RCChem-LIPI) in supporting small and medium companies (SME’s) is conducted by enhancing the quality of tempe production and by diversification of tempe based products. An output of those activities, which are currently ready to be commercialized, is the tempe based frozen dessert.

Three different tempe based frozen dessert are currently available, which are prepared for different consumers, as follows :

Frozen Dessert Regular
To be served for general consumers. It uses tempe as main component and is an “ice cream like” product enhanced by vegetable proteins originally from tempe.
Nutrition value :
Protein 3-4 �w/w)
Fat 8-10�w/w)
Energy 200-225 kcal/100g

Frozen Dessert For Diet
Frozen dessert for those who takes a low calorie-food diet program.
Nutrition value :
Protein 3-4 �w/w)
Fat 2-4�w/w)
Energy 100-120 kcal/100g

Frozen Dessert For Vegetarian
This Frozen dessert has specially been formulated for vegetarian. Tempe is used as a main component in the formulation, that enriched with other vegetable based component and rich of unsaturated fatty acids.
Nutrition value :
Protein 2,5-3 �w/w)
Fat 6-10�w/w)
Energy 180-200 kcal/100g


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