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Backlinks to your site or blog is very important | My Own Ways

Posted by bates70 on February 1, 2011

Source : My Own Way’s

Backlinks or links to your site or blog is very important, because backlinks effect will be very important to your blog, both in the SERP, increasing the amount of traffic and increase PageRank.

The problem is how do to know the link to our blog? Here we can use many ways to know the number of links that lead to our blog, depending on the parameters we want to know where we want to get info. The most difficult is the link that google indexed, because not all the links, be it a link in comment or the backlink be indexed by Google, and link criteria that considered how google is also still a mystery. To find a link from google, how pretty easy, go to then type “” in the search box, if you’re lucky then the link will be shown by google, but if the result does not exist , do not worry we can find backlinks again, maybe a matter of time because google only update the backlink index when there is an update pagerank either minor or major.

For the second way you can also use Yahoo as a pointer the number of backlinks you have. Unlike google yahoo relatively faster and easier to index our backlinks. Open this link then in the search box type the url address of your blog for example, then enter, will appear later on the blog / web that provide backlinks to your blog.

Nevertheless there are many tools to look for / and determines the number of backlinks that we have, such as,, tools and many more others, of course, with levels varying accuracy. I personally prefer to use Yahoo to find out the number of parameters link my blog, because yahoo fastest indexing new backlinks that I made, just my opinion. You can take one of the ways above and even you also can use all the methods above for more valid data.


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Sitemap submission to and Bing Search Engine | My Own Ways

Posted by bates70 on January 25, 2011

Sitemap submission to and Bing Search Engine | My Own Ways. & Bing submit site blog 

Submit your Sitemap To

While many webmasters concentrate on optimizing their sites for the top search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, it would also be good if they optimize their site for which is also considered in the top 4 search engines, since it can help to get a good amount of traffic. The process of submitting your sitemap to is also an important part of any SEO effort. is a search engine included in the top five search engines. Submit your blog to is a great way to help you gain more traffic from search engines other than Google. In my opinion, investing time and effort (and money if any) is the absolute thing that must be done to create strategies to attract traffic blog visitors from various sources. If one source does not provide a lot of traffic, you still have another source. Your blog will not suffer a huge loss in traffic.

Not Like other search engines, doesn’t have a webmaster tool for submitting our sitemap. The only way to submit our sitemap to is using their XML sitemap ping service, which is really an easy process and it takes no time at all for sitemap submission. Just follow the steps give below.

  • If you use WordPress, you can find additional information about sitemap.xml using sitemap generator plugin.
  • If you use Blogger, it’s easy because the sitemap has been created by a blogger that is atom.xml, you just add your atom.xml behind the blog url, eg

To submit your sitemap in replace with your sitename in the below URL and copy paste it to your browser address bar and hit enter.

If your submission is successful, you will get a results page like the one in the screen shot below.

Ask Sitemap submission was successful 

Submit your Sitemap To Bing

To submit your sitemap in Bing just follow the steps give below. Replace with your sitename in the below URL and copy paste it to your browser address bar and hit enter.

And Done!! Nothing very complicated and very simple to sumbit blog to Create a sitemap and then open the browser and type in the address above. This will automatically ping your sitemap and entered in their database.

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Improve traffic to your web with SEO Tools

Posted by bates70 on December 18, 2010

Auto trafic monopoly improve your traffic 

Auto Traffic Monopoly is a legitimate SEO tools to assist you in marketing online. Utilizing the software can help you to get more exposure and higher rankings in the search engines. It is important for most to understand that although it might be marketed in this way, ATM is not going to be a stand alone income opportunity for the beginner.
The cost of the software is $37 and is discounted at present and there is supposedly on a limited number of copies available but we have all seen this marketing strategy before. I hope as my readers you have learned by now that the “limited copies” urgency approach is strictly a marketing tactic.

All it requires is 15 minutes to set up and it’ll earn cash from internet traffic in as numerous niches as you desire, and dump all of the profits right inside your affiliate account.
That programer has put everything he has picked up from his 12 years of experience in programming into this sophisticated software to make sure that:
The software generates its own traffic instantly, it doesn’t have any competition because of its unique process also it also generates a type of traffic that works continuously.

Get Auto Traffic Monopoly Click Here!

Bonus :

The EXACT Software the SEO Professionals use to Rank Website like yours
With This SEO Software you will…
* Find out why competitors outrank you… then beat them!
* Uncover simple mistakes you are making on your website… then fix them!
* Build quality links to your website with ease… saving you time & money!

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How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress

Posted by bates70 on December 17, 2010

How to Signup with Google Analytics

First you would need to create a Google Analytics account. To do this, visit Google Analytics Signup Page.

You will see a screen like the one below. If you already have a gmail account, then use that to sign-in with. If you do not have a gmail account, then you would have to create an account for yourself.

Once you sign-in with your gmail account, you will be prompted to a screen like the one below. This is where you will signup for google analytics with your gmail account.

The third step would be to enter your site information. The fields are pretty self explanatory. You enter your Website’s URL, Account name (it can be anything that you like), Time zone country, and the time zone.

Step 4 requires you to enter your contact information.

Step 5 would require you to agree with their terms.

Step 6 is where you will receive the code to paste in your site. This is the important part of the signup. Copy and paste this code in a notepad or a HTML editor and keep this screen open.

How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress

There are 3 ways to install Google analytics in WordPress. Direct paste, functions.php, and plugins.

Direct Paste Method

Copy the code that you received in Step 6, and paste it in your theme’s footer.php right above the </body> tag.

Functions.php Method

Add the following code in your theme’s functions.php file and don’t forget to paste your Google Analytics code from Step 6 here.

add_action(‘wp_footer’, ‘add_googleanalytics’);
function add_googleanalytics() { ?>
// Paste your Google Analytics code from Step 6 here
<?php } ?>

Plugins Method

There are tons of plugins available to add Google Analytics to your site. The two that we recommend are:

Google Analytics for WordPress by Joost de Valk
Google Analyticator by Ronald Heft

Once you have installed Google Analytics in your site, you can go back to the screen from Step 6 and click Save and Finish. Then you will be taken to the overview of your site’s analytics.

You can see the status have an exclamation work. This just means that Google hasn’t realized that you have added the code to your site. It takes Google upto 12 – 24 hours to start providing you with the awesome site stats that you need.

This is a must have for every blog, so get it now. If you have any questions then feel free to ask in the comments. If you like this article, then please share it with your friends on twitter and facebook.

Free sites cannot use Google Analytics.

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How to create Blog Sitemap

Posted by bates70 on December 11, 2010

This not tutorial or user guide it’s just share how to create Blog Sitemaps. With sitemap will help search engines to better index your blog.  There is a plugin which will automatically create sitemaps for you.

Google XML Sitemaps

This plugin will generate a special XML sitemap which will help search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and to better index your blog. With such a sitemap, it’s much easier for the crawlers to see the complete structure of your site and retrieve it more efficiently. The plugin supports all kinds of WordPress generated pages as well as custom URLs. Additionally it notifies all major search engines every time you create a post about the new content.


  1. Upload the full directory into your wp-content/plugins directory
  2. Use your favorite FTP program to create two files in your WordPress directory (that’s where the wp-config.php is) named sitemap.xml and sitemap.xml.gz and make them writable via CHMOD 666. More information about CHMOD and how to make files writable is available at the WordPress Codex and on Making your whole blog directory writable is NOT recommended anymore due to security reasons.
  3. Activate the plugin at the plugin administration page
  4. Open the plugin configuration page, which is located under Options -> XML-Sitemap and build the sitemap the first time. If you get a permission error, check the file permissions of the newly created files.
  5. The plugin will automatically update your sitemap of you publish a post, so theres nothing more to do

Dagon Design Sitemap Generator

This plugin creates a sitemap for your WordPress powered site. This is not just another XML sitemap plugin, but rather a true sitemap generator which is highly customizable from its own options page in the WordPress admin panel. Some of its features include: support for multi-level categories and pages, category/page exclusion, multiple-page generation with navigation, permalink support, choose what to display, what order to list items in, show comment counts and/or post dates, and much more.

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Monetize Your Blog in 3 Different Ways

Posted by bates70 on November 21, 2010

Choose the way you earn money from your blog is a great decision! There are many different ways it will be difficult to tell which way you answer your reader. In a different way to see your readers on the market as a whole to consider the options.

  • Option 1: Adsense Adsense is probably the best way to make money – and the most difficult! This is easy because only the Google code, you (they even adjust the display automatically for you!) Est. You earn money when users click on ads if they are truly to make a purchase or not. Adsense is also very difficult. You usually pay a few cents per click, to take a lot of traffic before it even remotely like something meaningful. AdSense is a good thing can be tested, especially the feet wet, have a blog. If you’re in the right market at the right place and the color is found, you will become a beautiful hand, as you say,
  • Option 2: At the office-products sales, 51,001,340 a good way to make money. On the one hand, the product you want money to solve customer problems are not subject to be solved. it is better than Nothing! Yields are usually higher with Adsense as long as you deliver the change with the people who visit your site found. You must decide whether to promote digital products or physical. This decision should be of particular products, how you react to make your website visitors.
  • Option 3: Create your own products when you get loyal readers, it’s easier than ever to create their own information and sell your product! You need to manage your messages and address issues of customer service, but the compromise is that you keep trying all the money!

You are a player that you know better than you can bid from this transformation is very good, because what they want. You can write an e-book, you will offer a paid membership site for online courses, create a video or recording. If the package is better, you can combine different approaches to value. The possibilities are endless when it comes to their own products with money. Some blog readers who ultimately may want your partner! If you look at these options, you can begin to feel overwhelmed. This is normal! It’s hard to know what the best way if you just started a new job. A good way to try the best way to do something, another blog and make websites feel in your niche. You do not have to try to copy it, just take what works and with its own instructions. For more about blogstuff visit

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Success For Paid Survey with 4 Tips

Posted by bates70 on November 20, 2010

The easiest way to get money from the internet is to take a paid survey. This is the easiest way is to make money online. It is safe to say that you can take online paid surveys, between 10 to 30 dollars per month, depending on your diligence and several other factors. If you want to maximize your revenue online paid survey, here are four simple tips, you really want to make money online!

  1. Registration with many survey companies you can not make a lot of money if you only belong to a research firm, because you are not eligible to be paid or investigation, and adequate. Your goal should be the business survey as much as possible. This will maximize the survey invite so many opportunities to maximize profits.
  2. Use your survey invitation to a separate e-mail address I recommend people use a separate, for your survey invitations to a special email address.  It will save you scrolling through your personal e-mail every day and help you understand what companies send survey tracks.
  3. Friend If you have friends or family members who are interested in taking surveys, you bring a lot of extra money, by reducing the monthly survey of all companies, you are. The majority of survey participants who paid to members, other members are the business incentives. Incentives can sometimes make a few dollars a month to make a dollar a month difference.
  4. Use the auto fill, to expedite the investigation process automatically fill in the form of Use, you can fill in by clicking the button on general information. How much do you need the same survey, the basic issues (such as email address, sex, date of birth, etc.), automatically fill out a form that can help you via surveys some more quickly than usual. The faster you can go through the survey more every day, which in turn requires more money your pocket.

There you have it. In accordance with these four simple tips, you’ll see your results, jump! You want the best survey sites, is not it?  For more about blogstuff

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Free Stat Counter for Wordpress

Posted by bates70 on November 19, 2010

Your blog hosted by wordpress can be install Web Counter provides free customisable hit counters. You simply need to:    

  1. Sign up for a free account at StatCounter and follow the ‘Install Code’ wizard to generate your StatCounter code.
  2. When prompted, make sure to choose (hosted by wordpress) as your Blog/Web Page Editor from the drop down list.
  3. Copy the StatCounter code.
  4. Log into
  5. Click “My Dashboard” in the top navigation bar.
  6. Click “Appearance” and then click “Widgets” in the left navigation bar.
  7. In the “Available Widgets” section, add a “Text” widget.
  8. A new “Text” option will now appear under the “Current Widgets” section of your wordpress dashboard – click the “Edit” link.
  9. Paste your StatCounter code into the main body of the Text Widget.
  10. Click “Done”.

Click “Save Changes” and that’s it!

Your StatCounter will now begin recording visitor information and, if you chose the visible option, your counter will be visible on your blog!

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Broker Paid Review

Posted by bates70 on November 12, 2010

Broker paid review site is a site that works properly broker is to confront between bloggers (publishers) and advertisers. You as a blogger, please register your blog on their site for free. When you meet the requirements they have set (each site has a different standard requirement), so your blog were ready to offer to its advertisers.
if you already have a blog and are ready to get dollars, simply register your blog now !
Here is a list of some broker paid review sites :

The first three sites above I strongly recommend that the system proved to have a good work, his regular job and especially Linkworth also has the potential passive income through his Linkads package.

4. buylinkpost

Paid review the relatively new program but attracted much webmasters attention. The Unique system. All communication is via email. This prevents exploitation of identity that can hurt advertiser and bloggers. Highly recommended primarily for beginners because the blogger blogs listed here tend to be more readily accepted than the other sites.


In the first time to be Favorite site. But over time it seems a lot of spammy advertiser? But there are still many jobs available!


On the site quite a lot of jobs here. Quite promising alternatives.


Site old players. The more casual. Outdated system. Job less. There was an attempt to update site through the creation of version 4.0.


Same with, one site has also begun to less jobs.


Less job. Advertiser make difficult, a lot of desire. But still you have to try Smorty. It’s just a matter of fit-skewer it.


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