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Backlinks to your site or blog is very important | My Own Ways

Posted by bates70 on February 1, 2011

Source : My Own Way’s

Backlinks or links to your site or blog is very important, because backlinks effect will be very important to your blog, both in the SERP, increasing the amount of traffic and increase PageRank.

The problem is how do to know the link to our blog? Here we can use many ways to know the number of links that lead to our blog, depending on the parameters we want to know where we want to get info. The most difficult is the link that google indexed, because not all the links, be it a link in comment or the backlink be indexed by Google, and link criteria that considered how google is also still a mystery. To find a link from google, how pretty easy, go to then type “” in the search box, if you’re lucky then the link will be shown by google, but if the result does not exist , do not worry we can find backlinks again, maybe a matter of time because google only update the backlink index when there is an update pagerank either minor or major.

For the second way you can also use Yahoo as a pointer the number of backlinks you have. Unlike google yahoo relatively faster and easier to index our backlinks. Open this link then in the search box type the url address of your blog for example, then enter, will appear later on the blog / web that provide backlinks to your blog.

Nevertheless there are many tools to look for / and determines the number of backlinks that we have, such as,, tools and many more others, of course, with levels varying accuracy. I personally prefer to use Yahoo to find out the number of parameters link my blog, because yahoo fastest indexing new backlinks that I made, just my opinion. You can take one of the ways above and even you also can use all the methods above for more valid data.


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