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Safest Vehicle to Drive on Snowy Roads

Posted by bates70 on November 22, 2010

Safety drive on slippery roads in snow, a four wheel driven car is the most suitable as all the wheels give it power and grip on the road. If you are planning to buy a new car for you, Audi, Mercedes, Volvo, Subaru should be the top choices for driving in snow.
Your wallet may not permit you to go for these expensive cars, you have Ford 500 sedan as an alternative. Ford 500 sedan has both options of either a two wheel or four wheel drives. Freestyle is another recommended car from Ford. It looks like a blend of a station wagon and a minivan.
You may not admire a Ford; then choose from over 50 models of cars having four wheel drives, which include, Acura RL, Dodge Magnum, Cadillac STS, or an Acura RL. It is most important to maintain the car’s radial ply tires in top condition during winter. Regardless of power of an engine, the car will not grip the road in snow if the tires are bad. A regular check up of tires is essential after each drive. The tread on tire should be minimum 1/16 inch for safe driving. This can be approximately checked by inserting a penny in the groove. You should ensure the correct tire pressure which should be checked sporadically. The tires should be interchanged in rotation.
A next best category of cars to drive in snow is with front wheel drive. This is the most common power drive system on cars of different makes. Generally, preferred makes are Dodge, Plymouth Ford, Pontiac, Chevy and so on.
If you want to comprehend the reason for a front wheel driven car being better than that driven with rear wheels, remember: in a front wheel drive the car is pulled. Most the weight of the car is distributed over front wheels. Pulling of the car requires less power, and it moves straight forward, particularly when there is snow or ice is frozen on the road. When the front wheel pulls the car, it can be controlled easily. If the car skids, driver can immediately control it by letting off the accelerator and by steering to escape slip or a twist.


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