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Posted by bates70 on November 19, 2010

Let’s just practicing how to install Garmin navigation software on your symbian phone.
1. Devices that you need is:

  • Symbian mobile phone with GPS Tech support.
  • PC / laptop / notebook. PC / laptop / notebook.
  • Data cable (other connectors such as bluetooth).

2. Software and files that you need:

3. The assembly

  • Open GarminMobileXT_5_00_60_S60_TW.exe you just downloaded.
  • Install on your PC / laptop / notebook in any directory.
  • Once successfully installed, you will find the Garmin folder and its subfolders with the contents.
  • Copy folders and subfolders Garmin others to MMC mobile phones in E:
  • Install GarminMobileXT.sis on the phone.
  • Done.

For more information click here…..!!


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