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Posted by bates70 on November 18, 2010


GPS Garmin Mobile XT Garmin Mobile XT GPS 

Let’s just practicing how to install Garmin navigation software on your symbian phone.
1. 1. Devices that you need is:

  • Symbian mobile phone with GPS Tech support.
  • PC / laptop / notebook. PC / laptop / notebook.
  • Data cable (other connectors such as bluetooth).

2. 2. Software and files that you need:

3. 3. The assembly

  • Open GarminMobileXT_5_00_60_S60_TW.exe you just downloaded.
  • Install on your PC / laptop / notebook in any directory.
  • Once successfully installed, you will find the Garmin folder and its subfolders with the contents.
  • Copy folders and subfolders Garmin others to MMC mobile phones in E:
  • Install GarminMobileXT.sis on the phone.
  • Done.
Garmin Mobile XT folder after being extracted 

4. 4. Garmin Unlock

Information Display in the menu About Garmin XT 

  • Open the Garmin on the phone, go to Settings – About.
  • Note the Garmin unit ID on your phone.
  • Open garmin_kgen.exe on your new PC you download.
  • Write the unit ID in the box empty and press the Generate button above.
  • Copy the generated code it in notepad and save it.
  • Rename the file with the name sw.unl and copy it to E: Garmin \ in MMC mobile.
Display Garmin Keygen for Activation 

Now that you have installed Garmin was able to detect the components of built-in GPS in mobile phones. How:

  • Go to menu Settings – System.
  • Select the Remote GPS.
  • GPS switch to mode ‘enabled’.
  • Done.

5. 5. Unlock Map
In the you’ve downloaded, contains two files, namely: gmapprom.img and gmapsupp.img. What needs to be unlocked only gmapprom.img file. The trick is as follows :

  • Copy files gmapprom.img and gmapsupp.img to E: Garmin \ in MMC mobile phone.
  • Record ID Garmin unit back in your cell phone.
  • Write the unit ID in Garmin keygen.
  • On the down position Garmin keygen, select ‘select Folder Product’.
  • Select “custom mapset ‘.
  • Content Map ID with code 2048, click OK.
  • Press generate to-2 in the down position.
  • Copy the generated code into notepad and save.
  • Rename the file to be gmapprom.unl, and copy it to E: Garmin \ in MMC mobile (do like the file sw.unl).
  • Restart the phone and open Garmin.

Happy navigating with Garmin on the phone.



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