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Error Message when Downloading Nokia Ovi Maps

Posted by bates70 on November 17, 2010

Trobleshoting Download Maps : 


C:\Documents and Settings\<YourUserName>\Local Settings\Temp\download_temp (Substituting <YourUserName> with the username you use to log on to windows) Minimise the window. 

Start your map download. Re-open the window you just minimised and you’ll see a .zip file created there. Make this zip file ‘Read Only’. (Right click the zip file, choose ‘Properties’, then tick the box that says ‘Read Only’). Make sure to do this before the download is finished!

When you see the error message as the download ends, your map is downloaded and stored on your PC and all you need to do now is to manually transfer it to your memory cars or mmc .  Open the .zip file that you’ve just downloaded and you’ll see lots of folders in there… 0,1,2,3,4,5, etc. 

Where you transfer these folders to, depends on the version of Nokia Maps that is installed in your E71.

If you have the latest version installed, the version that no longer has tracking enabled without subscribing and that has the 3-day voice-directions demo available… Then copy the folders that you’ve unpacked from the downloaded .zip to: ?:\cities\diskcache (Substituting ‘?‘ with the drive letter assigned to your memory card or mms in windows explorer)

If you still have the older version of Nokia Maps installed in your phone, then copy the same folders to: ?:\Private\20001f63\diskcache (Substituting ‘?‘ with the drive letter assigned to your memory card in windows explorer)


You now have the maps installed on your mobile phone


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