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Posted by bates70 on November 13, 2010

Baturraden tourist attraction lies in the south foot of Mount Slamet at an altitude of about 640 m above sea level. Baturraden located only 14 km from Purwokerto associated with roads. In this resort you can enjoy the scenic beauty & the fresh mountain air with a temperature of 18 ‘Celsius – 25′ Celsius. While Mount Slamet in 3428 m altitude, is the largest volcano and highest mountain to-2 in Java. If the weather is good, Purwokerto can be seen from Baturraden, as well as Cilacap and Nusa Kambangan. When we see Slamet mountain, we can see Slamet mountain slopes covered by heterogeneous forest.
Recreation Park in Baturraden nature presents quiet mountains & valleys dotted with waterfalls and hot springs Sulfur “Fountain-3 ‘. In this place also can enjoy a variety of toys, the tower of view, the Botanic Garden, Swimming Pool.
Hot water baths, Kintamani, pool slide, water bicycle, cable car, & Widya Mandala zoo.
Located in the village of Karang Tengah – Sub Cilongok, more or less 20 km from the town of Purwokerto. Sightseeing in a waterfall with a height of 92 meters surrounded by natural scenery & beautiful forest.
Pond Village is located in the State sub Rawalo 17 km from Purwokerto. This tourism object is the Dutch heritage with proven prasastinya. Tourism known Husada, as well as tourists can enjoy natural beauty at the same time can heal the skin and bone diseases.
Village Ketenger Baturraden District is rural tourism that serves as a buffer Baturraden major tourist attraction. With its natural potential that really counted as tourism potential, such as Curug Gede, Curug Twins, Curug Kabayan. In addition there is the White House, Road Train Sugar Cane (Java: Lori); and Tourism Education.
With its natural coolness and good irrigation, two things that the community Ketenger Village Tourism used to plant cut flowers and a swimming bait, so it can all add to the attractiveness for tourists.
For tourists visiting the Tourism Village Ketenger can enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of the evening with entertainment such as Calung arts, Ebeg, Band / Orchestra Malays or Genjring. Community Tourism Village Home Stay Ketenger provide as much as 41-bedroom house with a number 74, with adequate facilities. For foreign tourists not to bother because the English-speaking guide staff is ready, and available a variety of typical local souvenirs.
Communities in Ketenger Tourism Village has been able to make a handmade handbag from mute, tables and chairs or a statue of the roots of trees and typical food Banyumas. That is the potential contained in the village tourism Baturraden Ketenger District, which still continues attempted improvement to the satisfaction of tourists.


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