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Archaeologists Handle Ash Merapi at Borobudur

Posted by bates70 on November 13, 2010

Borobudur, Central Java (ANTARA News) – Director of Archaeological Heritage, Ministry of Culture and Tourism Satrio Atmojo Yunus said the Indonesian archaeologist are still able to handle the problem of Mount Merapi volcanic ash that stuck to the rock temple of Borobudur.

Merapi ash at Borobudur temple

“Indonesia is quite skilled as ever to help the restoration Ankor Watt in Cambodia, and even now have been asked again,” he said at Borobudur, Thursday.
Volcanic ash covered Borobudur impact barrage Merapi eruption since October 26, 2010 to date, marked with a blast of hot cloud, glide lava, and ash rain. . The thickness of ash at Borobudur to about 2.5 centimeters.
Until now, tourism activity in the temple which is also heritage of world civilization was built around the eighth century during the reign of that dynasty dynasty, is still closed.
He expressed no damage occurs due to rain ash temple in the temple of Merapi.
But, he said that among others, accompanied by the Head of Borobudur Heritage Conservation (BKPB), Marsis Sutopo, and Coordinator of the Working Group on Maintenance of Borobudur BKPB, Nahar Cahyadaru it, it is feared the temple of rock conditions more rapidly decomposed due to volcanic ash containing corrosive acid will accelerate stone temple.
“It needs serious handling and long process,” he asserted.
He said the people of the world highlights Indonesia’s efforts to cope with volcanic ash at the Borobudur Temple.
If the ability of Indonesian archaeologist in the end is not possible to thoroughly cleanse the temple of volcanic ash, she said, it will request assistance from foreign experts.
It also prepares the plastic up to one kilometer to cover the stupa of the temple that has been cleaned so as not exposed to rain of ash that may still occur related to the phase of the eruption of Merapi.
A variety of trees around the Borobudur Temple was also cleared of ash, which among other agencies involve employees, the communities around Borobudur, and military personnel.
“If the tree is clean of dust, if the wind does not bring the ashes back to stick to the rock temple,” he said.
On that occasion, Nahar explained technically about the plan of cleaning the rock temple of the volcanic ash.
“It takes extraordinary measures such as using sodium bicarbonate to remove the ash that goes into the pores of the rock temples. Material was prevalent for the conservation of metals, stones, and artifacts, many available, secure against objects and people,” he explained.
After the first eruption of Merapi October 26, 2010, he said, officials have been trying to clean up BKPB volcanic ash cloud the hot blast of the volcano on the border between Central Java with the Special Region of Yogyakarta.
But, he said, continued eruptions of Merapi continued to occur and the largest on 4 November 2010, so the handling of volcanic ash at Borobudur need a different way with the first.
Cleaning the ashes, he added, gradually and be done until the system of water channels under the floor of the temple, and wells resapannya.
Marsis said the archaeologist various countries have discussed the condition of the Borobudur temple that is now covered with volcanic ash that Merapi.
Until now, he said, quite a lot of volunteers who declared themselves ready to help clean the temple from the ashes of Merapi.
“If it’s necessary to their involvement in the end, we must organize well in advance,” he added.
He admitted that he had received contact from various parties, related to the desire of the ancient experts come from a number of countries that want to get involved as volunteers in cleaning the temple of the Merapi volcanic ash.
“Borobudur Temple is already a discussion of experts in foreign countries such as Australia, Japan, and Holland, but so far Indonesia still can handle,” he asserted.


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