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Abode Acrobat 8 Repair Reactivation Code

Posted by bates70 on November 28, 2010

My computer have a problems, Adobe Acrobat 8 which I have installed request reactivation code, Now, I can’t reactivate because it requires a repair activation code
The activation scheme for Acrobat 8 is quite different than other Adobe products, and it has created some serious problems. Many legitimate Acrobat 8 users are having various difficulties with the product, and Adobe support is pursuing a fix. Adobe suspects that the activation files are the problem, but they are not revealing what files can be removed to enable a fresh re-install. Unfortunately, because there is little detailed information available about the new licensing/activation for Acro8, your fix may require some aggressive steps. I could find no procedure for manual removal of Acrobat 8 on the Adobe website.
Previous Adobe licensing information was stored in various .dat files located in the Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Adobe Systems\Product Licenses folder. Acro8 apparently does not store its information there, or it would be a quick fix to eliminate the activation file.
So, here is my suggestion :  —> Source on my other blog

  • Remove Adobe Acrobat 8 using Windows Add/Remove Programs. If its not there, remove by running setup from the installation cd or downloaded Acrobat 8 program.
  • Delete the original folders Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Adobe and Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Adobe Systems\
  • Delete registry keys HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Adobe\Adobe and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Adobe Systems\Licenses
  • And go to folder Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\FLEXnet\, find the file name looks like, delete the data file, its will make acrobat will ask you to activate with the normal activation code.

Reboot and attempt to perform fresh install Acrobaat 8 then reinstall all other Adobe software on your computer.
Done. Its work for me


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Visiting the Palace of the Maestro Painting – Affandi

Posted by bates70 on November 27, 2010

Visiting Affandi Museum is located at Jalan Raya Yogyakarta-Solo, or rather the west bank of Gajah Wong River, provides an opportunity for you to track all the means of Affandi’s life. You can see the great works of the maestro during life, the work of another painter who is sufficient, means of transportation he uses first, occupied house to a studio that is now used to nurture talent to paint a child.
Affandi Museum is all part of Affandi’s life as a painting maestro. In the region of Gajah Wong river’s edge, Affandi live, work, knowledge and transforming lives in his eternal home.
The complex consists of 3 pieces of the museum galleries with the gallery I as a place of ticket purchase and the beginning of the tour. Gallery I personally opened by Affandi since 1962 and inaugurated in 1974 contains a number of Affandi’s paintings from the early work until the end of his life. Paintings are generally in the form of paintings and works of reproduction sktesa are placed in 2 lines on the bottom and curved elongated to fill the room.

Gallery I, you can see a number of valuables during Affandi’s life. At the end of the room, you can see the car in 1976 Colt Gallan a greenish yellow color is modified so that it resembles the shape of fish, also an old bicycle that looks shiny as a means of transportation. You can also see a reproduction of the statue of his self-portrait with her daughter, Kartika.

Gallery II, you can see a number of paintings by painters, both beginners and seniors, which is sufficient in the museum. Gallery which was inaugurated in 1988 consists of two floors with paintings that can be seen from a different perspective. The first floor contains many paintings are abstract, while the second floor contains paintings by the realist style but has a firmness.

Gallery III, who became the next destination is a building with a roof-shaped curved line forming stem of banana leaf. That said, this 3-story multi-purpose gallery, first floor serves as an exhibition space as well as the location of “Studio Gajah Wong” place for kids to hone his talent to paint, the second floor as space maintenance and repair, painting, while the basement as a place to store a collection of paintings .

Palace of the Indonesia Maestro Painting

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Klik BCA (BCA Internet Banking)

Posted by bates70 on November 24, 2010

KlikBCA service is open to all Bank Central Asia customers who have BCA ATM Card / Passport BCA / BCA Dollar Card. To be able to use the service KlikBCA, you must have registered for Internet Banking BCA.

For added security KlikBCA, are now also equipped with a KeyBCA. Without KeyBCA you will not be able to conduct financial transactions in KlikBCA. To register, follow the instructions below:
Registration KlikBCA
1. Registration at the ATM
2. Register at the Customer Service Officer at the nearest branch office

How to register KlikBCA in ATM:
* Insert your ATM card and enter PIN
* Select menu E-Banking/Autodebet List
* Select the menu of Internet Banking
* Enter your PIN as you see fit KlikBCA (6 digits)
* Re-enter PIN KlikBCA
* User ID you will be printed on the ATM receipt
* Keep your ATM receipt as proof of registration


Indonesian Online Banking

1. User ID and PIN will be blocked if customer do the following:

  • Three times continued enter wrong PIN during login.
  • Three times continued enter wrong number of KeyBCA when doing financial transactions.
  • Applying for a replacement card or ATM BCA and BCA ATM card were reported missing.
  • User ID and / or PIN is reported to have been known by others.
  • BCA results indicate the possibility of the Customer User ID and PIN have been known by others.

2. In case of blocking of User ID and PIN, the Customer must contact Halo BCA at 500 888 or via the GSM mobile phone at (021) 500 888 and re-register at the BCA ATM machine.

Additional information:
BCA offers a KlikBCA electronic banking products, which gives you easy to perform banking transactions through a computer and Internet networks.
KlikBCA is a banking service that is easy, practical, safe and easy to use.
It’s easy to register internet banking at BCA ATM machine to get a user ID and PIN Internet Banking which can be directly used to log in (go) to KlikBCA in
Practically you can directly conduct banking transactions over the Internet without have to bother to the bank or ATM BCA (except to take the cash).
Safe KlikBCA equipped with security to ensure the security and confidentiality of data and transactions you make. To improve security, it also comes with KeyBCA, that additional safety devices to better secure financial transactions in KlikBCA. This tool serves to produce the password always change every time you conduct financial transactions. Thus, the security you are transaction will be more safe.
Easy Used, KlikBCA Screen designed as BCA ATM screen that is so easy, and does not need special skills to use it.
Activities you can do with KlikBCA transactions you can do through ATM BCA, it can be done through KlikBCA, except for cash withdrawals. This way, you like having a personal BCA ATM machine on your PC.

  1. Purchase (reload prepaid phone cards, Stocks, Tickets, Card Blitz)
  2. Payment (Credit Card, Phone, Mobile, Internet, Insurance, Loans, Taxes, Electricity / Electricity, Water / PAM, Education, and Others)
  3. E-Commerce Payment (click for more details) you can enjoy the convenience of online payment for any expenditure on the merchant’s website that collaboration through e-Commerce Payment Menu
  4. Funds Transfer – Transfer Inter-BCA (Real Time, periodically, to a certain date) – Transfers to Other Domestic Banks (Real Time, a specific date)
  5. Account Information (Information Balance, Account Changes, Deposits, Receivables BCA Card, mortgage loan information BCA)
  6. Transaction History
  7. Other Information (Information Exchange and lottery coupon number of Gebyar Tahapan BCA)
  8. Administration (Change PIN, Change Language, Change Email Address, Payment Clear List, Clear List Transfer, Add KeyBCA Connection, Delete Connection KeyBCA, KeyBCA Activation, Registration Information BCA Card, BCA Card Information Remove)

Limit Switch With KeyBCA you can do fund transfer account in BCA to IDR 100 million every day.

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Dieng Plateau Tourism Object

Posted by bates70 on November 23, 2010

Dieng Plateau Tourism Object in Central Java

Dieng Plateau is located in central Java, where he is not too far from DI Yogyakarta, cause in the guidebook in Yogyakarta Dieng plateau, including in tour package.
Dieng plateau is a natural tourism object. It is the longest highland in Java which lays 2.093 meters above sea level and 15 degree Celsius average has been the common temperature. In the plateau, we will visit various kinds of tourist attractions such as:

  • A group of Hindu temple. It was built early on 7 century, and well known as the quiet oldest Hindu temple among other Hindu temples in Indonesia.
  • Crater: several hectare smaller craters which are still active can be found as well. Nowadays, our government has made the GEOTHERMAL.
  • Colorful lake (Telaga Warna): The lake contains many kinds of sulfur and the Reflection of the Sunshine changes the water into many different colors.

If you are in a hot spring, you can boil eggs but I would not recommend to eat. During the trip in Dieng plateau, you can have a pleasure of time due to its various wonderful scenes.
You can taste the spots of small village and drive slopping, winding road, and enjoy a beautiful landscape with rich of plantation like coffee, tea, tobacco, and other vegetables crops.
On the way back from Dieng to Yogyakarta, you will explore the greatness of Borobudur temple. The whole structure of Borobudur reflects the hard work, high dedication of thousands people. They were sweating on their attempt to make their way up to hill dragging tons of rocks in the searching of the tropical climate. You have a beautiful sunset at Borobudur.

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Entertainment Devices Flexible and Portable

Posted by bates70 on November 22, 2010



• Load MP3 Music
• Super Power Speaker
• Hi-Bass Performance
• Special Tube Design
• Modern tube layer
• Support USB / SD / MMC Card
• Support iPod, Mobile Phone, Computer
• Remote Control
• FM Radio
• 5 EQ Modes
• Best for both indoor / Multi Purpose Used

The desire to be able to enjoy the music of course not limited to home or office. While driving or while on Outdoors vacation, listening to favorite songs while driving rebound would make the journey becomes boring or vacation becomes more exciting. For that Sahitel Apollo Portable Speaker PS520 into devices that can be utilized.

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Multimedia Speakers Who Will Indulge Your Ears

Posted by bates70 on November 22, 2010

The development of multimedia technology is now capable of providing a more memorable experience for everyone, especially with devices supporting advanced and capable of providing optimal performance. One of them Sahitel MS600, known as the Super Vibra Bass, multimedia speakers that can provide a good sound system that is able to pamper your ear. To play your favorite music, this instrument has a port SD / MMC cards and USB ports are also making it more flexible. There were also two ports for the karaoke mic, bass and treble settings, and the LCD screen shaped speedometer. What’s interesting about this device is the sound produced is so powerful bass.



• Multimedia Speaker System 2.1 Channel
• USB dan SD Card Slot
• Line In Jack
• Output Power : 30W (SUB) + 10W x 2 (RMS)
• P.M.P.O 1200W
• Speaker : 5.25” Subwoofer + 3” x 2 Satellite Speaker
• Impedance 4 OHM
• Frequency Response : 40 Hz – 20 KHz
• Signal – Noise Ratio : >= 80 Db
• Power Supply : ~220V/50Hz
• Large Speedometer Display
• FM Radio
• High Quality Speaker Component
• Luxury Black Piano Color
• Professional Box Design

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Safest Vehicle to Drive on Snowy Roads

Posted by bates70 on November 22, 2010

Safety drive on slippery roads in snow, a four wheel driven car is the most suitable as all the wheels give it power and grip on the road. If you are planning to buy a new car for you, Audi, Mercedes, Volvo, Subaru should be the top choices for driving in snow.
Your wallet may not permit you to go for these expensive cars, you have Ford 500 sedan as an alternative. Ford 500 sedan has both options of either a two wheel or four wheel drives. Freestyle is another recommended car from Ford. It looks like a blend of a station wagon and a minivan.
You may not admire a Ford; then choose from over 50 models of cars having four wheel drives, which include, Acura RL, Dodge Magnum, Cadillac STS, or an Acura RL. It is most important to maintain the car’s radial ply tires in top condition during winter. Regardless of power of an engine, the car will not grip the road in snow if the tires are bad. A regular check up of tires is essential after each drive. The tread on tire should be minimum 1/16 inch for safe driving. This can be approximately checked by inserting a penny in the groove. You should ensure the correct tire pressure which should be checked sporadically. The tires should be interchanged in rotation.
A next best category of cars to drive in snow is with front wheel drive. This is the most common power drive system on cars of different makes. Generally, preferred makes are Dodge, Plymouth Ford, Pontiac, Chevy and so on.
If you want to comprehend the reason for a front wheel driven car being better than that driven with rear wheels, remember: in a front wheel drive the car is pulled. Most the weight of the car is distributed over front wheels. Pulling of the car requires less power, and it moves straight forward, particularly when there is snow or ice is frozen on the road. When the front wheel pulls the car, it can be controlled easily. If the car skids, driver can immediately control it by letting off the accelerator and by steering to escape slip or a twist.

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Monetize Your Blog in 3 Different Ways

Posted by bates70 on November 21, 2010

Choose the way you earn money from your blog is a great decision! There are many different ways it will be difficult to tell which way you answer your reader. In a different way to see your readers on the market as a whole to consider the options.

  • Option 1: Adsense Adsense is probably the best way to make money – and the most difficult! This is easy because only the Google code, you (they even adjust the display automatically for you!) Est. You earn money when users click on ads if they are truly to make a purchase or not. Adsense is also very difficult. You usually pay a few cents per click, to take a lot of traffic before it even remotely like something meaningful. AdSense is a good thing can be tested, especially the feet wet, have a blog. If you’re in the right market at the right place and the color is found, you will become a beautiful hand, as you say,
  • Option 2: At the office-products sales, 51,001,340 a good way to make money. On the one hand, the product you want money to solve customer problems are not subject to be solved. it is better than Nothing! Yields are usually higher with Adsense as long as you deliver the change with the people who visit your site found. You must decide whether to promote digital products or physical. This decision should be of particular products, how you react to make your website visitors.
  • Option 3: Create your own products when you get loyal readers, it’s easier than ever to create their own information and sell your product! You need to manage your messages and address issues of customer service, but the compromise is that you keep trying all the money!

You are a player that you know better than you can bid from this transformation is very good, because what they want. You can write an e-book, you will offer a paid membership site for online courses, create a video or recording. If the package is better, you can combine different approaches to value. The possibilities are endless when it comes to their own products with money. Some blog readers who ultimately may want your partner! If you look at these options, you can begin to feel overwhelmed. This is normal! It’s hard to know what the best way if you just started a new job. A good way to try the best way to do something, another blog and make websites feel in your niche. You do not have to try to copy it, just take what works and with its own instructions. For more about blogstuff visit

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Vehicle is best in snow

Posted by bates70 on November 20, 2010

It is claimed that a four-wheel drive vehicle is best in snow, but I don’t agree. I have on more than one occasion heard owners of SUV’s complaining that they had been driving their vehicle in four-wheel drive and they still crashed in the snow.

What people don’t understand is that driving in four-wheel drive doesn’t mean you should be driving without the obvious caution. Ice and snow will still affect an SUV, it’s just that with four wheel drive, you can get yourself out of a snow drift, or that ditch you’ve just slid into.

You should treat driving in snow with caution, and be aware what is happening on the road. Don’t drive too fast, as you will be unable to control the car if your tyres lose grip. Slow down for any corners, and keep a good distance from the car in front. You might be managing driving in the snow well, but is the person in front coping.

The last heavy snow we had in Scotland, I was driving a front wheel drive estate car. I drove the twelve miles to work one Sunday, and had no control problems at all, because I drove to the road conditions. My problems started once I reached town, when I had the extra hazard of the other drivers. Most of whom either drove too cautiously, or with dangerous over-confidence because their cars were four-wheel drive.

For a driver to manage to safely drive their car through snow, you must make a few preparations. Make sure your tyres are not worn, as a worn tread reduces a tyre’s grip with the road quite dramatically. Take a blanket, and a spade with you; even the best all-terrain vehicle can get stuck. Most importantly of all, take your time, and don’t try to push the speed up when it’s obvious the conditions are not good enough. I know it’s a corny line, but it’s best to take your time and arrive safely, than not at all.

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Success For Paid Survey with 4 Tips

Posted by bates70 on November 20, 2010

The easiest way to get money from the internet is to take a paid survey. This is the easiest way is to make money online. It is safe to say that you can take online paid surveys, between 10 to 30 dollars per month, depending on your diligence and several other factors. If you want to maximize your revenue online paid survey, here are four simple tips, you really want to make money online!

  1. Registration with many survey companies you can not make a lot of money if you only belong to a research firm, because you are not eligible to be paid or investigation, and adequate. Your goal should be the business survey as much as possible. This will maximize the survey invite so many opportunities to maximize profits.
  2. Use your survey invitation to a separate e-mail address I recommend people use a separate, for your survey invitations to a special email address.  It will save you scrolling through your personal e-mail every day and help you understand what companies send survey tracks.
  3. Friend If you have friends or family members who are interested in taking surveys, you bring a lot of extra money, by reducing the monthly survey of all companies, you are. The majority of survey participants who paid to members, other members are the business incentives. Incentives can sometimes make a few dollars a month to make a dollar a month difference.
  4. Use the auto fill, to expedite the investigation process automatically fill in the form of Use, you can fill in by clicking the button on general information. How much do you need the same survey, the basic issues (such as email address, sex, date of birth, etc.), automatically fill out a form that can help you via surveys some more quickly than usual. The faster you can go through the survey more every day, which in turn requires more money your pocket.

There you have it. In accordance with these four simple tips, you’ll see your results, jump! You want the best survey sites, is not it?  For more about blogstuff

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