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Resilient Mobile Phone “Samsung B2100”

Posted by bates70 on October 26, 2010

Mobile is resilient, waterproof and even resistant run over by a car. Suitable for you who in their daily work in the field often

Stronges Mobile Phone Samsung

Resilient Mobile Phone "Samsung B2100"

Samsung B2100 is designed for specific outdoor activities and mighty tough guys. Samsung B2100 successfully passed test the resilience of the material with standard MIL-STD-810F (United States Military Standard), Just for info. Most bodinya made of materials similar to the basic material roller maker.

I liked Samsung B2100 because in addition to the waterproof casing is solid.

Advantages of Samsung B2100 :

  • Casing steady.  Casing of Samsung B2100 powerful enough. Samsung claims the body B2100 will not blister reply fallen from a maximum height of 2 meters.
  • Great batteries.  The batteries can hold up to a week in rarely used! With normal use, approximately 4 day you must recharge again.
  • Standard feature.  This is not a fashion phone. This outdoor phane. So, it features simple enough.
  • Can be run over by vehicles.  Samsung claims this hape be run over by a car. What kind of car I am know sure.

So finaly Samsung B2100 can be a very attractive alternative.


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  1. You have given very nice information on mobile phones .I am very thanks for all stuff which i have found here.You have really done a good job.


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