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Free Web Counter for Blog

Posted by bates70 on October 26, 2010

Lots of sites that provide the service counter visitors to the blog. Some sites I have tried. But only one that I think has an interesting shape and look professional. is the new professional web counter for web sites / blogs. It is completely FREE -No limits -No ads in the counter code -Hidden or visible counters -Real time updated web stats service

Some of the features in Histats hit counter service:

  • Real time stats and online users
  • hourly stats for last 30 days / daily/monthly stats forever
  • Referrer stats archived by day and month. We never clear your referrer stats! or limit
  • Stats for every page or section of your site! (You can track stats for your photo section or the article section and see what users prefer to visit and develop the site in the right direction)
  • theme to your log file size…
  • Click counter service! you can count how many people download files from your website, or stats for your link exchanges
  • Fully detailed stats of last 1000 visits! With referrer, complete page urls, IP, everything
  • Invisible counter available for free
Animated counter -

Animated counter -

Counter 1 Line -

Counter 2 Line -

Counter 3 Line -

Counter 4 Line -

Counter Texs -


3 Responses to “Free Web Counter for Blog”

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  2. I really love internet for schuchs blogs

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