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Indonesia Hybrid & Electric Cars

Posted by bates70 on October 24, 2010

Hybrid Cars and Electric Cars Made by LIPI Bandung Ready to Mass Production

Eco Products Fair 2010 Internatisional Exhibition in Jakarta Convention Centre (JCC), Senayan which ended on Sunday yesterday (03/07/2010) share followed by LIPI (Indonesian Institute of Sciences). On occasion this time LIPI had two electric cars engineered by son of the nation under the Electric Power Research Center And Mekatronik.

Two of these cars is the Toyota Kijang Super, produced the 90’s as “the 1st Electric Car Conversion”, and a small hatchback “Elecric the 1st Hybrid Vehicle”. “Both engineered LIPI researchers. Kijang is a plug-in electric cars and the little car is hybrid, ” commentary by Indonesian Institute of Sciences Public Relation.
Both use the electric engine as a driving force. An electric motor type 3-Phase Motor Inducton become the main energy producers. What distinguishes, as a source of Toyota Kijang Super energy derived from electricity 220V. It can plug in directly into electricity at home.
Electricity 220V then stored in the battery pack-Deep Cycle SLA volt/220Ah and 72 Ampere 72V/25A charger. If the battery is fully charged condition could use the road 75 kilometers, continued the man from Bandung. Toyota Kijang has an energy 52 dk and 156 Nm of torque is calculated by the rear wheel dynamometer.
Different with a black mini cars. The car actually was built from scratch has an electric engine with a hybrid concept. With electric motor and gasoline engine there is. “But the car still running with 100 percent electric. 160cc Generator is used only to fill the batteries.
We’ve patented a technology that we make in this car. And this car exhibited here is to find investors it is our goal. Who knew there was going to use and produce it.

LIPI claims to have spent Rp. 200 million for research hybridnya car and Rp 150 million for electric cars. And after mass-produced price can be reduced. Maybe Rp. 50 millions, or even cheaper when its production capacity a lot.


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