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Amazing Resilience Card

Posted by bates70 on March 3, 2010

Samsung memory card has an amazing resilience to protect your data from damage due to falling, the magnetic field and other factors.

Features strongest memory card from Samsung.

  1. Magnetic-proof, no matter even if brought near to the magnetic field as speakers.
  2. Can survive even run over by a car weighing 1.6 tonnes.
  3. Using layers of paint (epoxy) that makes the memory card is safe even if immersed in sea water for 24 hours.
  4. Can store data for over 10 years without a problem or even if not used at all.
  5. Is provided application to the rescue of lost data, these applications are also considered to be 3x faster than other data rescue applications.

A little bit confusing from the press release that they spend, because they have not told specifically what types of memory cards that have the above features, but this seems to apply only to the type of SDHC memory and Compact Flash just remember the different layers and looks strong.

And about the price? No information but it will be launched in Europe first.
Referance :


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